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Multimedia Integration

Once a client's marketing plan and branding is in place, a business must identify the most effective means to bring it to the marketplace and communicate their products and/or services to their target market. In today’s fast-paced climate, utilizing all tools for marketing are essential for reaching target markets.

Go Digital

By embracing multimedia marketing platforms, clients can engage consumers via whichever means appeal to them. Different demographics gravitate toward different media. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, radio, newspaper advertisements, word-of-mouth and printed materials are all part of a comprehensive marketing strategy dedicated to getting the word out.


The "meat" of business communication, a website should contain all of the information a consumer needs to know about your business: unique selling position, values, products/services, location, and so forth. RETHOUGHT REBORN creates engaging websites designed specifically to reflect our clients' businesses, both with written content and visually.


By creating a virtual store, a small business can essentially be "open" 24-hours a day and accessed anywhere in the world for pennies a day. RETHOUGHT REBORN designs and maintains eCommerce sites allowing our clients to increase their profits without an increase in overhead.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital in helping your website be found. This does not happen automatically with the creation of a website. RETHOUGHT REBORN works with SEO tools to ensure your website can be found in local directories and search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.).


This does not mean SPAM. In addition to the other digital marketing tools, Internet marketing incorporates newsletters to subscribers and product/services updates. RETHOUGHT REBORN can write and manage these eMailings, freeing your time up to run your business.


Equipped with professional graphic design suite software, no visual creation is beyond reach. Utilizing a variety of tools, RETHOUGHT REBORN creates custom designs committed to telling our clients' stories at a glance.


Given the variety of technical means a business' website can be accessed, it is important that deliverability be tailored for optimum viewing by each. RETHOUGHT REBORN creates website companions for viewing on mobile devices, ensuring it is easy to access and maximize content layout.


The marketing power of social media should not be ignored. Facebook business pages are a way to consistently engage their market-base, offering, too, a more "human" and personable element to the business reputation. Although free to create, Facebook business pages take time to create, design and maintain. RETHOUGHT REBORN is able to help our clients with this service.


A website must be kept fresh and interesting in order to engage consumers and keep it relevant. RETHOUGHT REBORN can add new scripts, graphics, design elements, or content writing/update, either as a one-time or an ongoing maintenance service.

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Traditional marketing and advertising media are still powerful tools that should be evaluated and incorporated into a dynamic marketing plan. RETHOUGHT REBORN understands their value and works with clients with the following:


RETHOUGHT REBORN designs flyers, brochures, forms, mailers, appointment cards, loyalty cards, rack cards, folders, gift certificates and any other printed material that a small business needs to maintain a cohesive image and "get the word out."


Creating market interest and keeping your business to the forefront of your target market's mind is very important.


RETHOUGHT REBORN helps identify relevant trade shows and expos in our clients' industries and design booths, displays, promotions, giveaways and materials.


RETHOUGHT REBORN offers event planning and coordinating services to our clients' events, big or small.


In addition to writing and/or designing radio and newspaper ads, RETHOUGHT REBORN has worked to build relationships with our local radio station and newspaper, and can readily supply our clients with data on their target market.


Press releases are not the same as an advertisement, and RETHOUGHT REBORN is able to help write them to help our clients communicate relevant events in their business.

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