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Why Use Transit Advertising?

High Frequency

Transit advertising provides greater frequency than newspaper, television or radio advertising. Transit advertising also helps build better brand recognition.

Branding & Call to Action Capabilities Transit advertising can effectively increase top-of-mind awareness through long-term exposure and the use of large, simple displays that band an advertiser's name. This medium is also effective in generating quick response to ads by canvassing the marketplace with a high quality of call-to-action messages, such as those including a price point or a special event.
Extensive Coverage Extensive market coverage and full color designs combine to give transit advertising unparalleled impact. Transit advertising delivers images that are eye-catching and command attention.
Large Audience Consumers now spend less time at home than ever before. Placing a message outside targets a larger audience and is recognized by three quarters of passing individuals.

Full king side ad


RETHOUGHT REBORN MEDIA directly manages the transit advertising programs for the Cities of Delano, Porterville and Visalia.

Click here to find out more about ad sizes, types and rates available in each market.

Interested in another market? We can help you with that, too! Contact us today!

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